Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coming soon! The agony of aging!

I'm getting to the end of my basic sciences education. We're finishing off with genetics and a particularly fascinating topic - the science of aging! Look out for a post where I detail all the ways to delay aging and to gain immortality!!! (just kidding about the immortality part).

I...uh...I'm not good at this blogging thing. I am too introspective and too self-concerned to be able to make insightful observations about what I'm learning and the world around me. But, I will try.*

*No guarantees!!

To appease you, in case you don't hear from me for a while, here's a piece of art I made a long time ago on a site called Polyvore, just one of many websites I visited in order to waste time. Though, a small part of me considers this as more of a hobby than a waste of time. Just because I'm in medical school, I don't want to neglect my artistic side. Polyvoring and collage-making are my creative outlets. Unfortunately, that writing block won't budge :(

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wow. Idealism often goes hand in hand with naivete...

I think we hear the word 'hard' so many times that it loses its meaning. I clearly did not understand the word 'hard' when I wrote my first post on this blog, eyes shining, heart (over)flowing with positivity.

But, yes, indeed, Medical school is hard. It's just the volume of information and the high standards for your learning and understanding of this knowledge.

Understandable - with great power comes great responsibility. This is the reason we study 12/7 - to become competent enough to handle some pretty massive responsibilities. It certainly feels that way. I'm surprised I'm able to walk around because, emotionally, I feel like I'm weighed down so much that I should be immobile. Oh, what's that you say - I should be active? In fact, I should have a life? What's this about a life outside of medical school? Oh, how funny! Ahahahaha!

No, the life outside of medical school that I hope to have will revolve around my relationships - both with med students and normal people (ha!). These will keep me sane enough and then I can easily get back to studying.

I'm honestly the kind of person that needs to wear blinders in life. Imagine those things that race horses wear to block their peripheral vision. I'm too easily distracted by extracurricular activities. Let me just focus on school. Let me just have this. If anything, I can try to develop my fiction writing on the side. I would actually love to take up painting, but maybe I should settle for little trips to the local Paint 'N Party with friends. Hobbies with little investment - that's what I need. And, maybe just maybe, I'll post my writing or my artwork up here for all the world to see (1 or 2 people if I'm lucky).

Friday, July 13, 2012

Why are you doing it?

I'm keeping this blog to record my experiences. Tumblr is great but I don't think it's right for lengthy blog posts.

I'm going to m-school because I decided on it and readied myself for it. I want to marry my compassion with my interest in learning about the human body. I'm scared but not letting any negative emotions dash my confidence.

Here's to the umpteenth blog I've created. Perhaps the question marks will be replaced some day. But, right now, I don't know what my posts will look like.